Santa Seña
While working on MWII I was tasked with the look development of Las Almas ,  I was given ownership of the U.S border crossing, our goal was to hint at a bigger narrative that was ultimately reflected in the campaign and to have the warm and cools of the exterior and interior compliment one another.  
It was a really interesting task to make the gameplay within a border station where you're typically waiting around into an engaging and thought provoking experience. 
The team really did an amazing job bringing concept to life, you can check out a cut scene from the campaign showcasing Las Almas and the narrative. 
Las Almas

I helped develop the architectural look of both the interior and exterior of the Mercado as well as the surrounding areas.  After that it was up to the sky for a player point of view.  It was interesting to figure out how we could have areas identify in a signature way from the signature warzone spawn.
El Asilo

I was the first concept artist on the map collaborating with art directors and level designers to create the vision for El Asilo.
We really wanted to continue pushing the lighting moving into the 6 versus 6 maps. We felt that there could be a unique colour palette and time of day could really elevate the gameplay and readability of the map. 
 I started with the blue sky concept and worked with the team to develop interiors, exteriors, colour keys and to offer support on surrounding buildings and narrative ideas.    
Himmelmatt Expo

I was given the chance to head to the cooler climates of the Himmelmatt Expo and provide some art direction and revisions for various areas.
Redesigning the West Hall to have slightly more iconic visual landmarking for players with the centerpiece which ended up in game.  I also had a chance to go back stage and add some nice set dressing to make the playable area feel more immersive for players.  
Finally for the map I spent some time by at the spa and did my best to breath some extra life into the environment, I even built a snowman.  
The environment team did an incredible job creating a visually compelling map and I was happy to contribute some concepts towards the end result. 
Pelayo's Lighthouse

On Pelayo's Lighthouse I was the first concept artist on the map and was responsible for a large portion of the art direction and initial propositions regarding mood, architecture and overall feel for the interiors and exteriors.  
I created the early style guides for the map as well and provided art direction regarding the landscaping, architecture on supporting elements of the map and interior spaces.  
I am incredibly proud of the team and the heights they were able to reach on the end result of the map.  The weather and lighting came out exceptionally well and really managed to create an immersive environment for the community. 

Additional Projects

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