Azure is a personal project I've wanted to explore for a while now.  The premise is an Avian society living above the clouds. The Avians value weaving, pottery and music relating to root bird characteristics. This package explores the Avian nesting settlement that the main character would leave in favor of exploring the vast unknown of the Azure during the start of the story.
One last look back before leaving the nest, onward to explore the vast unknowns of the Azure. The rest of the Avians are commuting out from the flight tower for daily duties.
Thumbnail explorations, fluidly moving back and forth from 2D and 3D solutions.  
The Avian pottery and weaving room, echoing ideas of nesting and incubating via the crafts that the Avians prioritize. 
Avian sleeping quarters inside the central nest living area, an Avian long horn is present as well as woven paper scrolls made from leaves.  Shiny things are tucked away in shelves carved into the wall.
For the architecture exploration, I considered what elements could reinforce the idea of an Avian society.  Exposed beams serve as perches for commuting Avians out and about for daily tasks.  
Exploring larger form architectural props help to scale up building materials from props.  I thought it would be good for the Avians to have a weather warning bell and some sort of well.
Various Avian props, tried to consider materials that the Avians would use and prioritize in daily life.  
Initial quick sketches to get ideas out of my head and onto paper, ultimately the final evolved a fair bit from this jumping off point but even in this stage I had some visuals in my mind I wanted to make work.

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